Tuesday, November 8, 2016

V O T E !!!!

If you haven't voted, do so. If you don't, please do your countrymen and women the service of keeping your mouth shut. The next few years, no matter who wins, promise to be difficult enough without people who have invested nothing demanding anything.
From the boys with muskets in three-cornered hats, to the suffragettes in white, to the men and women fighting today against voter suppression, the franchise is the most valuable thing you own. It is more valuable then your stock portfolio, more valuable then your car, more valuable then your home or life insurance. The vote is the bread and meat of this democracy. We can't cry about what our politicians destroying democracy if we are starving it to death.
Vote for yourself, vote for your kids, vote for your grand kids, vote because you can, but VOTE!
All the flowers pictured here are spring flowers. Some joy at the end of a dark season.

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