Saturday, August 4, 2012




Feminism has been much maligned over the last 50 + years for many reason not the least of which is a desire to control the propagation of the species.  The central idea behind Feminism, as I understand it after nearly 45 years of defending the cause, is simply this; both sexes must be fully empowered and enfranchised for any society to stand on a solid foundation.  A society that does not stand solidly is in danger of not standing for long.  The wounding and vandalism of the feminine half of the human family is analogues to destroying one half of the foundation of a house – as that house becomes unstable so too will the human community.

Carl Jung said, and I am paraphrasing now, to separate the human being from some part of their humanity insures that the thing that is lost will return as disease.  The long history of denying the influence of the feminine voice and nature an equal and respected place in the affairs of human beings has resulted in rape, incest and the institutionalization of violence against women and children.  This then, to my mind, is the foundation of Feminism and Feminist thought.

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