Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have recently been chastised, if you will, by someone for lacking compassion and caring with regard to my outspoken and brutally declared disgust with certain members of the Rightwing political establishment.  I went on the record and with as little compassion and caring as possible stated my position thus, I am not a Christian it is best not to come at me with those old canards and empty sentiments supposedly shared by all the God- fearing men and women in Congress who would take health care away from millions, many of whom are children; who begrudge a few dollars in food stamps for the hungry – lately a large number of which have been economically disenfranchised for the sake of the traditions of vulture capitalism and the culture of greed; who would ask a woman violated and terrorized to carry some psychopath’s baby to term.  

I grow bored with the proselytizing and sermonizing of hacks who behave as if they have been elected to the pulpit while engaging in legalized corruption and the rape of the public trust.  I grow bored with their followers who aide and abet them in disrespecting, obstructing, falsely accusing and vilifying the lawfully elected president.  I grow sick of treason masquerading as patriotism – what else is it when the will of the people who elected that president by a clear majority is deliberately flouted and undermined by churlish, soulless men squealing about God to justify their misguided belief that they enjoy the divine right of kings to govern this nation?

Bored, sick that is what I feel, not compassion or caring.   In my religious practice no one has the right to critique, define or mandate another’s feelings.  In other words, those hasty of judgment, loud of mouth and weak of nerve on the Right should keep their god-damn humbugs to themselves.

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