Monday, August 6, 2012

What Goes Around, Comes Around

To all those who support draconian austerity measures I submit the following:

We are favoring four scapegoats in this country currently – government, taxes, spending and public sector workers some of the most valuable of which are teachers, first responders, fire fighters and cops.  I believe that by the time the Christies, the Walkers, the Scotts and all the other small government hacks that you have put in office stand for reelection the full impact of their policies will be felt.

If my prediction comes true you might find that your child is in a classroom with seventy other students.  It might happen that your grandmother chokes to death on a chicken bone because so few responders are available that no one can get to her.  Perhaps your house will burn down owing to the fact that the limited number of fire fighters considered essential simply can’t handle all the emergencies they must deal with each day.  

Should your wife, your daughter, your sister, your mother, or your Aunt Gertrude fall victim to a serial rapist who has added torture to his criminal repertoire it might happen that this predator has been able to hunt a hell of a lot longer because there weren’t enough cops to run him to ground.  Remember, as local law enforcement is stretched beyond its ability to serve so too is federal law enforcement; particularly, if you shrink government to the point that it can be “drown in a bathtub.”  If you think that you can take your tiny gun out, hunt down and kill this person, think again Mr. Earp or Ms. Palin as the shoe fits.  These aberrant personalities are often very intelligent, highly sophisticated, thoroughly enjoy what they are doing and routinely evade the likes of the FBI and Interpol.  You aren’t up to the job.  If you are into futility and/or suicide – people who hunt monsters often get caught by monsters – better you should just insert your metal phallic symbol into your anal cavity and blow your brains out.

Should any or all of this befall you or someone you know or love don’t go whining to the media.  Please don’t go bellyaching and jamming up the courts.  Above all don’t come crying to people like me who told you it wouldn’t work.  We won’t be interested in the fact that the constipated tax revenues and shrinking government you supported aren’t serving you.  Suck it up.  You will have earned it.  In any case, if you stay quiet long enough you just might acquire enough wisdom to understand that people who set out to destroy governments usually want to replace them with regimes of their own.  They don’t want anybody around strong enough to stop them.

It is a true thing that what goes around comes around, man.  If you think that it is morally, socially and economically acceptable, not to mention worthy of the God of your heart, to ignore the existence of the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the disabled, the elderly and even your fellow members of the Middle Class, you too might wakeup invisible someday in the society you helped build where indifference is policy.

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