Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some People Matter and Some People Don't

Watching the news gives me the distinct impression that some people matter and some people don't.  Senators and business people looking to get home or making money matter; old people looking for one good meal a day don't.  Trust fund babies looking for tax breaks matter; poor kids looking forward to Head Start don’t.  Banks matter; the people they screw don’t.  Gun owners matter; dead children don’t.  From one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the other lip service is paid, righteous objection is chronicled, slogans are offered in lieu of progress and condolences are extended.  Yet, some people matter and some people don’t. 

Through it all the God of the Christians is venerated, our freedom extolled, our equality asserted and our way of life held up to the world as a model of all things good and decent.  Yet, some people matter and some people don’t.  Who the hell do our leaders think they are to proceed as if we don’t notice?  Who the hell do the members of the Fourth Estate think they are to profess to be the great harvester of truth, separating wheat from shaft and leaving the wheat on the floor?  Who the hell are we to tolerate it all?

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