Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Supreme Hubris

The maiming of the Voting Rights Act today, June 23, 2013, is the most dramatic and clear cut example to date of the radical Right’s philosophy of government; if you can’t beat ‘em cheats 'em.  If you can't win a fair fight, weight your gloves and go for the kidney punch.  Hubris, Justice Ginsberg said, and hubris it is – an exercise in arrogance and insolence.  Tonight the U.S. Supreme Court is the lowest court in the land, slithering on its belly back toward a time when the words equality and liberty mean less than nothing if you weren't the right color.  Who empowered these bloody overblown ambulance chasers, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and the man who used to be Justice Kennedy to wipe their ass with the Constitution?  This is how a loud, ignorant, bigoted minority wins elections and loses the principles on which this country was founded with the tacit approval of those who are suppose to know better.  
It is time to start an information sharing network designed to educate people living in states where vote whoring hacks pander to a small and malignant base.  We must help people learn how to comply with the idiotic laws that are being pushed through state houses and signed by governors all over this country so that they might shove them up the GOP’s ass in 14.

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