Friday, May 30, 2014

"Put Up or Shut Up," Senator Bernie Sanders

All-righty, Eric Shinseki is gone.  Resigned, fell on his sword like a good warrior to the relish of the mob.  Once again done and dusted as the Brits would say.  Now it is time to hold our bloody media – most of you know that I have little use for the vast majority of them – accountable.  Let us make sure that they closely follow the reintroduction of Bernie Sander’s VA funding bill that was blocked by filibuster in February of this year – at least as closely and with as much moral indignation as they followed the humiliation and fall of Secretary Shinseki.  In Bernie’s own words to the Republican Senate Caucus, “Put up or shut up.”   What follows is a list of the Twitter feeds of some of the most arrogant, smug and righteously indignant.  Don't forget the politicians in your area who called for the Secretary's resignation after engaging in the filibuster.  

Chris Matthews:
Chuck Todd:
Ronan Farrow:

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