Monday, May 5, 2014


I have this morning called Mark Udall and Michael Bennett to find out where they stand on the Keystone Pipeline.  They haven’t decided yet.  I spoke to people in their office, actually it sounded like the same person disguising his or her voice, who were utterly confused about what I was asking when I asked them what good the Senators thought this bill would do, and if they understood the apprehension of people who are opposed to the project.

It sees that some of the “honorable” men and women in the Senate – including Landrieu and Manchin who routinely claim to be Democrats – think they can pass a bill that will override State’s reviewing process, Obama’s presidential decision making and the courts where litigation is ongoing.  Some of the major concerns about this filth carrying artery are its potential for contaminating the Ogallala Aquifer which is one of the greatest underground water sources in the world and if contaminated the damage would be irreversible and likely catastrophic; the taking of private land under Eminent Domain, in and of itself a questionable practice; and the violation of treaties with Native American peoples.

I was told by the people (person) in Udall and Bennett’s offices that they were waiting to make a decision until they hear from their constituents.  In my constitutionally protected opinion it is more likely they are waiting on an offer from the oil lobby, and I told them so.  Is it possible that the American People are being asked to trust those who have repeatedly proven themselves to be untrustworthy to defend the integrity of a pipeline promoted over all good conscience and reason by the money-grubbing politicos that Citizens United has crowned rulers?

Please call your Senator and object in the strongest terms to the proposed bill.  Remind them that while their honor may be for sale, your vote is not.

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