Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Some of my fellow Coloradans may remember my going ballistic over two bills, 1161 and 1171, that were up for discussion in the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee in the Colorado State House. These two piles of legislative diarrhea concerned themselves with the right of so-called people of conscience to discriminate against the LGBT community - for starters - on the basis of religion. Well, both loads of crap were flushed yesterday in committee. This means that for the time being the Civil Rights of ALL Colorado's citizens are safe from abridgment by these partisan fanatics masquerading as people of faith.

I all upon my Christians friends to help us get these lunatics out of office.  Denounce them as duplicitous, self serving charlatans peddling Jesus by the pound to grab power.  You must.  I can't.  I am Pagan and have no standing.  Please, help silence these false prophets so they no longer misrepresent your religion or foul my government. 

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