Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Okay with You?

I keep seeing and reading this idiotic argument: the Republicans love war more; no the Democrats do. People citing questionable historical data back and forth to back up their claims as if WWI or WWII had immediate significance to the world today. Where the hell are we, high school? We are talking about killing and maiming people on a grand scale. George Carlin called it the bigger dick theory of diplomacy. Who cares which bunch of bible thumping, influence peddling whores wants it more? Never mind what happened 50 years ago. Let us talk about today.
Chris Carter had a character in the Xfile say of war, "... since Antietam nothing has driven the engine of the economy faster." Days after orchestrating that filthy letter to the Iranian government, Tom Cotton meets with defense contractors. What do you think they were talking about? This isn't about God or country or right or wrong; this is about money - blood for money. Okay with you?
Forget FDR, JFK, LBJ, Dick Nixon, they're dust, footnotes in history. Today 62% of the American people want boots on the ground in Iran. In November 36% of the lazy bastards showed up to the polls. Shove a draft up their asses and see how much they want a war. Put their skin in the game and see how much they want THEIR kids' boots on the ground.
War is a distraction, a made for T.V. movie, like party politics, scapegoating and race baiting. Our so-called leaders, both side of the aisle, drag us around by our night terrors and day hatreds while Tom Cotton and the defense contractors make money. Okay with you?

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