Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Bedrock of Tyranny

Fundamentalist religion, be it Christian or Islamic or any other creed or sect, is counter indicated to the exercise of personal liberty.  Further, it is anathema to the establishment and sustainability of a free democratic state.  Our founding fathers knew this and accordingly inserted the “Freedom of Religion and Establishment Clause” into the First Amendment.  This clause does not make it possible for any one religion to supersede any other; nor does it mandate the supremacy of religious freedom over any other freedom or the civil rights of any individual.  

In point of fact, we have seen throughout history and unto this day that Fundamentalism is the bedrock of tyranny; not to mention camouflage for every scoundrel who would weasel, wheedle, slither, slime and steal their way into public office and power.  Daily these monstrosities usurp the language and sense of the Constitution.  They preach Liberty while systematically eroding our freedoms one step at a time.  In the name of independence they would have the government destroyed.  To be replaced with what?  They would see the IRS, the EPA and Department of Education smashed.  To be replaced with what? 

My dear sister and friend, Jackie, reminded me of something that Sinclair Lewis said in the early part of the last century, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”  Lewis was a prophet.  Morning, noon and night here they come praising Jesus, practicing war and promoting intolerance.  They are Christians who have never read the New Testament, and who spend the image of Christ liberally without meaning or truth.

“Being true to your religious values requires sacrifice on your part.  It’s not a price to be paid by the public,” says my good friend John.  Truer words were never spoken.  Now is the time for people of all faiths, of no faith and those who aren't sure, whether they stand on the Left or the Right or in the middle, to stand up and say, ENOUGH!  Crawl back in your cave and take you vicious, little God with you. 

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