Friday, July 1, 2016

Dog Days

If I were Clinton I would put Bill, the Big Dog as Chris Matthews calls him, in a kennel. He just can't resist doing the stupid thing; to wit, arguing with Millennial voters; showing up at polling places while votes are being cast; strolling onto the Attorney General's plane with the easy freedom of a man whose wife is NOT being investigated by factions of the Justice Department.
Let me say that I consider much of what the Right has propagated about HRC over the years to be claptrap. I certainly don't think that she has killed anyone. As I said to dear friend recently, I don't believe for one minute that she has the brains or the nerve to orchestrate a murderous criminal concern al a Capone or Luciano. As an Italian American I really must insist that these men be given the respect they are due within their chosen field. They were career criminals, and they were good at it; they were professional killers, not sloppy opportunists. They were not cheap politicians, they owned politicians. As a further disclaimer, let me also say that I have no use for Bill Clinton. I haven't since he turned the party of FDR into the party of Go-Along-To-Get-Along, wondering penis and magic zipper aside. But, let all this go.
The material point here is that if you want to elect this woman in November, put Fido on a chain out back. Bring him in for speeches. Watch him close. His antics are not amusing to a great many of us who are reminded of the arrogance and tone-deaf elitism that turned us off establishment politicians and their politics years ago.

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