Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Feel the Bern

Sanders has endorsed Clinton. Frankly I have said before and will say again, Bernie Sanders is a great Senator, a great man and too goddamned good for that toilet in the Oval Office. Let the dog fight begin between Clinton and Trump, and a dog fight it will be.
Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama ran to the Left and governed to the Center Right. This must not be tolerated again. The Left energized by Senator Sander and the movement he has started must not allow our voices, our will and our votes to be taken for granted. The Democratic Platform is nonbinding; our demands are not.
I am not concerned with Party unity. I am not concerned with the survival of the establishment in politics, media or finance. I have been an anti-establishment radical all of my life. No apology is forthcoming. I have been a Democratic Socialist all of my voting life, and am committed to the principles of that ideology and to Bernie's movement. I am not happy with how this nomination process has ended. However, ended it has because Bernie has called it - not the miserable media, not the bloody Party, not Clinton or her followers, but Bernie.
Whomever you choose to vote for in November at the top of the ticket is between you, the Goddess/God of your conscience and/or your personal convictions. Nonetheless, it can't be denied that the down ballot races are critical. Critical I say, because we cannot leave the House, the Senate and state governments in the hands of people who through greed, avarice, fanaticism and assorted personality disorders have turned government into a whorehouse/traveling medicine show/inquisition/untreated psychotic's playground. So prepare to VOTE!
I have followed the career of my fellow socialist, Bernie Sanders, longer then many of his current followers have been alive. I know that he did what he thought was best today. I have never known him to do anything else. He is one person in our government whose integrity and honor have never been for sale or compromised.
I am not convinced that the Democratic Party serves the common good, but I know Bernie does. For now let us Feel the Bern and kick Trump's ass.

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