Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Media Muddles it All

All day long I have been watching the news. Its been Trump, Trump, Trump like a drum beat from hell. This is how he won the nomination; hour upon hour of free media while other candidates on both sides of the contest were ignored. If it hadn't been from this media orgy over a reality T.V. conman and his idiot fans - not supporters, fans - Trump wouldn't have made it past the first debate.
Currently, he has honed his attention getting skills to one tactic. Every few days he says something outrageous, more outrageous then what he said a few days before, and the media is off and running. They chase his comments and his comments about his comments ad nauseam. Thus, he never has to talk about anything that could remotely be construed as policy or vision. If Clinton or Kaine are talking policy out on the trail, you won't know it. If Sanders or Warren are talking about the candidate's policies out on the trail, you won't know it. Nothing can be heard above the roar and din of the Trump machine - its cruelty, crudity, inanity, insanity and stupidity.

It is Sweeps Week all the time as the mainstream media chases ratings. For all the pseudo intellectualism, plastic patriotism and putrid emotionalism, there is no plausible reality, genuine humanity or journalistic integrity to be had.
All the people worried about Clinton losing because of Bernie or Bust, disaffected Progressives, or deluded Moderate Republicans fed bullshit and kept in the dark by the Rightwing echo chamber, you best worry about the media. They stirred up a frenzy around a two-for-a-nickel-half-baked celebrity that propelled him into a major party nomination. If we aren't careful that same self-serving bunch of corporate media shills will propel him into the White House without the slightest concern about what they are doing to this country.
It has never been more important for people capable of critical thinking to demand more of the corporate entities that now control OUR airways. It is easy enough to contact the major media outlets and their assorted hucksters, talking heads and empty wagons rattling loudly. Twitter is an excellent way to do this, but email and the old phone call work just as well.

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