Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Survival and Surrender

Summer is moving away slowly, one degree at a time. She is taking her dryness and her dusty winds as she goes. In the early mornings it is sweater weather, and you can taste Autumn in the dawn. The ravages of the season are visible everywhere - sunburn, scorch, death and the dreary complexion of plants living with drought stress.
Now and then on the soil, so very tired of trying to support life to spite the elements, you will see a waxy yellow or orange leaf amid the debris of Summer's excess. The rose and other blooming perennials gather their courage, push growth, set bloom and seed in preparation for their last lovely show when the air is crisp and chilled once again.
Regardless of what imbecile is on the national stage, what foolish drama is played out in the theater of our arrogance, Goddess' green world suffers, survives and surrenders the beauty that is its mandate. Anyone who thinks that we will destroy this planet need only study the flower as it flourishes, endures and flourishes again. Earth will live, lush and magnificent, long after we have devoured ourselves with greed, materialism and ego. Blessed Be.

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