Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Where Ya Been, Jack?

The Clintons lead the world in backing themselves into a corner with the appearance of impropriety. Currently it is the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. This is the garbage that has eroded her public favorability. Did donors to the Clinton Foundation pay for access to Secretary of State Clinton? Looks like it. Did those donors get anything else in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation? No evidence of that. Still, you would think that people who are planning a family tradition of running for president would be a little more careful about feeding a perpetual scandal machine red meat.
Having said all of this, two questions are submitted for your consideration. First, where in the hell is all this press indignation and investigative journalism when access and influence are peddled day by day in the brothel on Capital Hill? Since Citizens United the public trust has been sold-out and betrayed in unprecedented ways. Not a word from the MSM. In fact they made fun of Bernie Sanders for taking it on, until it became clear just how fed up the people are with smarmy politicians selling their soul to stay in office. Over the last 24 hours I have Tweeted a number of media entities to ask them where the hell they have been while the interests of this country have consistently been sold to the highest bidder. No answer has been forthcoming.
Secondly, Donald Trump is pretending to be the moral conscience of this nation with regard to what he calls, "The Clinton Foundations pay for play" agenda. He has also freely admitted to purchasing access and influence from anyone of a number of whores in public office. In street parlance that would make him a john or a trick. Now, why in hell would I trust the buyer over the seller in such an immoral bargain?

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