Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We Hate You, Come Visit

I am furious at the MSM for its need to stir-up and cover scandals rather then cover the issues in this election. To wit: Obama should have been in Louisiana earlier - my Aunt Rosie's girdle he should have been. The last thing first responders and medical personnel need is a political dog and pony show, complete with guards and grand-standers, roaring into the scene. The media scarcely covered the flood until Trump decided to stage a photo op there, handing out Play-Doh of all damn things. What the fuck did he expect people to do, stick their homes back together?
Two things are particularly egregious here. First, the bloody media created Trump's campaign. If it hadn't been for all the free coverage he received - exploited and now trashed by the candidate - I doubt that he would have made it through the first debate. Secondly, why in the bloody hell did they want Mr. Obama down there? The Secret Service wasn't about to allow him to ride around in boats rescuing people or bail water out of homes. He isn't a doc, a paramedic, a cop or a fire fighter. Let us be clear, Bush wasn't criticized for not coming to New Orleans. He was criticized for sending a thoroughly incompetent FEMA director to lead a pathetic intervention effort. Finally, Obama unlike Trump the Chump had no intention of defying the governor's request in order to exploit a national tragedy for political gain.
It is time for the American people to give its so called free press a kick in the ass. Start writing to these idiots. If you aren't on Twitter, think about getting on Twitter. Use email, snail-mail, phones, or smoke signals to contact them. The jackass in the Tweet below is a particularly smug and arrogant little parasite. It took three minutes to write to him and tell him what I think.
As to President Obama, I have never been a fan of many of his policies or an apologist for his administration. Still, no president, and I remember Ike, has ever been so maligned, disparaged, denigrated and slandered. He will leave the Oval Office in a few months; and if he isn't happy to go or can't see his way clear to walk out of the front door with his middle finger in the air, I will be happy for him and happy to lend him mine.

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