Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What of the Common Good

One of the reasons that we enjoy the standard of health that we do in this country is our Public Health System.  Excellent public health is based upon the idea that the greatest good for the greatest number – that is to say the common good – is derived from the critical axiom that medical research grounded in sound scientific principles and disseminated to as many people as possible without bias will create a population knowledgeable and ethical enough to utilize medical advances arising from the research.  To wit: vaccinations.  

This insipid foolishness that vaccines – instrumental in irradiating such monstrous disease processes as smallpox and polio – cause what many fine scientists believe  is a genetic disorder is an example of just how selfish, stupid and stunningly self destructive we have become as a nation.  That the concept of the common good has gone by the wayside in this country, even to the point of being itself considered un-American, is bad enough.  However, the fact that every third stumble-bum who can manage to seize a microphone either by virtue of political ambition, a claim to expertise or the accident of celebrity thinks they have a right to turn their necessity into medical fact is enough to make one want to run around the room screaming.

Choice and Libertarianism my Aunt Rosie’s girdle, this is nothing short of criminal negligence and insanity.  I have said before and will say again, the rubber will meet the road when an unvaccinated child contracts Rubella and takes it home to an unvaccinated and pregnant mother.  The compromised infant conceivably born from such a pregnancy should present an instructive and humiliating moral dilemma to this freewheeling, Libertarian, most Christian nation and its prolife coalition. 

What of the child you ask?  Ask the parents or better yet, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and the legion of empty headed, gorgeously coiffed, well turned out, gargoyles who haunt cable and social media like the memory of a bad smell.    

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