Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life on Olympus

Here is the sad deal, the Supreme Court is considering the following:
Can Congress create commerce – as if health care weren’t commerce and needed to be created?

Can Congress force citizens to participate in commerce? Hence, Scalia’s brilliant broccoli argument.

Does everyone have an expectation of needing health care?

I thought these people were bright.

Only Justice Ginsberg seems to get it. She wants to know if the anti-mandate boys realize that people within the health care arena and without insurance impact directly upon people who do have insurance?

80% of uncompensated care is paid for by insurers. That money does not fall like manna from heaven. It comes from our rising premiums, which we forfeit to uphold the law against refusing care.

So while the boys on the right pull each other’s dongs and the boy and girls on the left try to keep Obama’s thoroughly incompetent Solicitor General from stepping on his dick, Justice Kennedy swings in the middle like Hamlet who isn’t sure whether or not he has seen his father’s ghost. He argues on the one hand that the government may not have justification for enforcing its mandate. On the other hand, he thinks it may be necessary.

The Attorney General from South Carolina – who if I am not mistaken organized this circle jerk – when asked directly by Chuck Todd of MSNB, who will pick up the shortfall, who will pay for the uninsured, jumps like a startled rabbit and hops right back into to the Constitutionality of Congress creating commerce. We have come full circle.

I thought these people were bright.

This is about one thing and one thing only, slapping down a sitting president. The fact that the court agreed to hear it makes me wonder if we couldn’t replace all nine of them with two cans of Kal Kan and a mascot.


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