Saturday, March 31, 2012

If You Want Respect Mr. Chief Justice . . .

It is said that Chief Justice John Roberts is concerned about the American People's perception of the Supreme Court. He is worried that we might consider the court less objective than partisan. Well it is a little late for all that, Sparky. Most polls show that at least 75% of us believe the Justices vote their political ideologies, and that the Constitution like the Bible is a movable feast easily interrupted to mean anything some slick, grandstanding shyster or political mouthpiece says it means.

Perhaps it would be different if we the people weren't treated like pets of the powerful - tossed a bone now and again and patted on the head. Particularly, when we show up on the Washington Mall wearing stupid hats with tea bags hanging from the brim. Maybe if we weren't treated like guard dogs or cats on rodent patrol in the barn, the only reason for our existence a purely utilitarian invocation of our name by seedy, manipulative politicians serving a self-promoting agenda.

The American People need, the American People want, the American People must have, is the battle cry shouted from chamber to chamber and roof to roof in Washington by demigods who couldn't possibly care less if the American People slipped quietly into an irreversible coma - save on April 15th.

If you want respect Mr. Chief Justice, try giving a little. No flowers today. My ladies have categorically refused to appear with the United States Supreme Court.

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