Friday, March 2, 2012

A Walk in the Fog

The Blunt Amendment is an end run around Obama's Affordable Care Act. It is collusion between insurance companies and employers, aided and abetted by politicians, with women's health as a smoke screen. Beyond the proselytizing about birth control and someone being made to pay for someone else's sexual behavior is the old movable moral feast inherent in the marriage of dirty politics and carnivorous capitalism to a free market valued above the human beings it is suppose to serve. This Amendment would eventually extend into every area of health care, every procedure, treatment option and preventative care regime for every working American and their family. It is my opinion that Blunt is a duplicitous stooge. He doesn't give a damn about birth control, fetuses, sexual behavior or God. Blunt has found a new way to have oral sex with his contributors.

This game is as old as politics itself – tell someone who has nothing that someone else is stealing from them. Then invoke the Puritan Ethic as a way of bringing the “thieves” to book. In the end the money changers will be let back into the temple and everyone else thrown out – all of this in the name of a much feared, motherless-father God.

It is impossible to overestimate the American people’s naiveté. It is impossible to overestimate the tendency of those who think shallowly to follow closely those who have been corrupted deeply. Thus, by the time the good sheep wake up they are being led to the inevitable slaughter without the slightest idea how they got there.

The Blunt Amendment died in the Senate, yesterday. Fear not, like the ghost of Jack the Ripper, it will return in another form. The devil can always find a new playground. Then the tug-of-war begins again between the dishonorable and the marginally principled with the American people being trampled in the middle.

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