Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blessed Be

I am sick to death of hearing about "Religious Freedom".  There is no religious freedom to hate, marginalize, victimize, discriminate, terrorize, manipulate or scapegoat.  Any religion that teaches, promotes, insists upon or mandates such behavior is worthy neither of faith nor worship.  Any such religion that attempts to or succeeds in codifying the pollution of its tenets into law is not, not I say, engaged in defending religious freedom. They are establishing a religious tyranny of the type our founding fathers committed themselves to preventing in the Constitution.

Over the years I have made many statements of my faith.  As Pagans we don't evangelize, proselytize or in any other way demand compliance with our beliefs.  Thus when I speak of my religion it is out of a very human need to share the beauty of my creed. The statement that follows is one of my favorites.  I wrote it some years ago and will add one sentence to make it even more timely then it feels.  Sin is not part of my vocabulary; but if it were what is being perpetrated against the LGBT community in a number of Red States in this country would certainly qualify as a mortal and most deadly sin.

"There are those of us who prefer night to day, darkness to light, Moon to Sun. Many of us are called Witches. Like the night, the darkness and the Moon, we are often misunderstood by people who fear much, understand little and think as infrequently as possible. Whose fault is that?"

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