Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Recently I have seen a lot and heard more about how Bernie has been graciously, condescendingly and magnanimously given the privilege of running as a Democrat.  Further, how he needs to check his brain, opinions and conscience at the door because taking issue with Clinton's policies and methods is negative campaigning; taking issue with President Obama's position on anything amounts to questioning the infallibility of the Pope. In a word, BULLSHIT.
First, anyone can become a Democrat and run under that banner.  Up until recently all it took was a slavish devotion to the party line and the largess of rich Democratic donors.  To wit: $353,000 to sit with George Clooney - a Clinton supporter - at dinner.  I wouldn't pay that kind of money to sit with Kenneth Branagh, Judy Dench or Johnny Depp, and they are the greatest actors of their respective generations. Not to mention the fact that this is exactly the type of slimy behavior that has corrupted the body politic.
Second, the nomination process at all levels of government - particularly the highest office - has been virtually tied up, like a torture victim, by the Democratic and Republican Parties. You don't get to rig a game then whine, snivel, cry, bitch, piss and moan when somebody plays by your idiotic rules and beats you at that game. So, pull up you big boy and girl undies and get a grip; your stranglehold was never ethical.
Third, as I have Tweeted to Secretary Clinton, James Carville, Barney Franks, half the staff of MSNBC and most of the staff at CNN, be very goddamn careful what you ask for in insisting that Bernie is not good enough, grateful enough or complicit enough to run as a Democrat. If he takes you at your word and runs as an Independent, I am not sure he would lose. I am pretty sure Clinton would. 
Ah, it is a great life if you can stand the smell of manure passing for journalism and the pathetic spectacle of candidates strolling up and down the Washington Mall, Wall Street and Hollywood Blvd., in their Joan-Crawford-hurt-me-pumps, singing "Hey Sailor" to every rich donor in town. Feel the Bern.

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