Friday, April 8, 2016

Double Talk

I keep hearing that Bernie's supporters are responsible for JoAnne Kloppenburg's defeat in Wisconsin - at stake a 10 year Supreme Court term.  In fact, one non-personal and classy Hillary supporter even congratulated the "assholes supporting Bernie in Wisconsin," for electing a Republican.

As near as I can tell after scouring the internet and according to the "Daily Kos" - article to follow - the single source for this information is one exist poll. "The sole piece of evidence used to make this claim has been a Battleground Polling exit poll ..."

The "Daily Kos" is neither in the tank for Clinton, nor on the bandwagon for Sanders. For the most part, out of the mainstream media, they appear to be reasonably objective. The material point of this article is stated thus, " ... it’s easy to prove that even if 100% of Bernie voters had backed Kloppenburg, she still would have lost!  Rebecca Bradley got a total of 1,017,083 votes last night. Combined, Bernie and Hillary got less than that! So even if every Bernie and Hillary supporter had voted down ticket, Bradley still would have won."

I guess I am a bit confused.  I am old now and took a fall in the garden yesterday.  I didn't hit my head, but I could have scrambled my brain.  Out of one side of the Clinton camp's mouth I hear, Vote Blue, unify the Progressives, Vote Blue, sing Kumbaya all the way to the polls.  Out of the other side I hear this specious drivel of questionable merit and dubious authority. So, do Clinton's people really want her to win in November if she is nominated?

Calling us bad Democrats just makes us chuckle.  Most of us aren't Democrats at all.  We are Independents.  Insisting that Independents are responsible for Democratic Party building is counter intuitive to the point of brain death.  Holding us accountable for the election of a Rightwing nutjob like Rebecca Bradley pisses us off.  The final question is how many of us can they piss off before Hillary Clinton is doomed never to see the Oval Office again, save as a visitor.

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