Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The corporate media is so far in the tank for Clinton that they should be wearing scuba gear.  They are, in no small part, responsible for the monstrous phenomenon that is Donald Trump. It is my belief that they want to have a contest between these two politicians, not because it is good for the country or for the people, but because it is good for their ratings and their corporate bottom line/shareholders.
I have heard people like the Caterpillar, Chris Matthews, discussing the foul nature of such a contest - a bit gleefully, I might add.  Be you a Clinton supporter or for Bernie, you must know that corporate media is parasitic in nature; feeding off dirt like earthworms and blood like mosquitoes. I put it to you that had Democracy Spring resulted in injuries, MSNBC and CNN would have been all over the coverage sporting their feigned concern and shallow sympathies.  Accordingly, the hoped for contest between Clinton and Trump will be a much promoted, over publicized, gotcha, slime fest, blood letting brawl - a battle of the grotesques.  This is the hope of corporate media, its subsidiaries, repugnant reporters and talking heads, rattling along like empty wagons.
By the time it is over, the American people will be so disgusted, so sickened that many will simply turn away from the process. I submit that it matters little to the media, the party establishments and the donor class. We aren't part of the process in any real way. We are simply fodder - like mushroom compost in a vegetable garden - for the T.V. reality show known as election season. The fewer of us that participate, the more control they have within the body politic.
Let me say, without equivocation, that I am fed up with what passes for the free press in the corporate whorehouse known as network and cable television. I am turning exclusively to independent news, information and opinions sources. What follows is an independent opinion piece. It is an opinion blog, not news reporting in my estimation. I don't care if you like it. I don't care if you agree with it. Suffice it to say that as a highly intelligent, well informed and deeply serious person, I find the woman's opinions backed up with multiple links of documentation to be persuasive; but let that go.
The material point is that we are daily manipulated, misinformed and misdirected by a media complex that has no use for us and little interest in what is best for this country. They are disrespectful louts not only to us and our institutions, but to the people we support for whatever reason and in whatever way.
It is time to boycott corporate, mainstream media.

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